Vegetation Equipment
Borer with two rows / Tree Core Reader
Subler 150mm digital (Callipers 150mm)
Entomofauna Equipment
The new waterproof HI 98129 & HI 98130 Combo testers from Hanna are designed for high accuracy pH, EC/TDS and temperature measurements. No more switching meters to measure the pH and then the EC or TDS of a solution.

These testers also have a stability indicator and hold feature to prompt the user when to take the reading & freeze the display for easy and accurate recording. Calibration and temperature compensation is automatic, while the EC / TDS conversion factor and temperature coefficient factor are user adjustable for application specific measurements.

The combo has a replaceable pH electrode cartridge with an extendable cloth junction as well as an EC/TDS graphite electrode which resists contamination by salts and other substances that come in contact with the electrode. These pH / EC / TDS / Temperature meters have a stainless steel temperature probe for faster and more precise temperature measurement. Fast, efficient, accurate and portable, the Combo pH, EC/TDS and temperature tester meets the requirements of your routine multi-measurements.

3 Element Microphone

Capture every nuance, distant or low volume, with greater clarity via a 3-element microphone array featuring adjustable sensitivity and zoom functionality.

Dual analog to digital converters work in tandem to deliver wider dynamic range with minimized distortion.

S-MASTER® Digital Amplification

After the fact, S-Master® digital amplification faithfully reproduces your recordings, including 192KHz/24-bit resolution files, with all the captured fidelity of the actual, physical moment.

Frequency Range:

LPCM 96/24: 40 – 40,000 Hz

LPCM 44/16: 40 – 20,000 Hz

MP3 320k: 40 – 20,000 Hz

MP3 192k: 40 – 18,000 Hz

MP3 128k: 40 – 16,000 Hz

MP3 48k (Mono): 40 – 14,000 Hz

Outdoor navigation meets touchscreen simplicity in Dakota 20. This rugged, palm-sized navigator combines touchscreen navigation, high-sensitivity GPS with HotFix® satellite prediction, barometric altimeter, 3-axis electronic compass and microSD™ card slot in one affordable, power-packed punch.

Share your waypoints, tracks, routes and geocaches wirelessly with other compatible Dakota, Foretrex®, Oregon® and Colorado® devices. Just touch “send” to transfer your information to similar devices.

Aquariums Laboratory
The experimental set (designed for behavioural tests) includes four types of enclosures. One type of enclosure is resembling to only one of the following cases:

– both compartments are without aquatic vegetation (or other types of shelters);

– aquatic vegetation only in the compartment with the target species (e.g. invasive species);

– aquatic vegetation only in the compartment where there is no target-species (e.g. invasive species);

– both compartments are with aquatic vegetation.

Experimental Enclosures
Ornithology and Cynegetic Equipment
Photo Camera LEICA T with specific T2 adapter and Objektiv 35mm offer the possibility to take photos and videos at high resolution (16 MP photos at 5 fps continuous shooting and 1920×1080 Full HD movie recording at 30 fps) by attaching to a field scope. This camera attached to our LEICA APO-TELEVID 82 spotting scope is the high-end technology in the wildlife digiscoping area. The camera has a Built-in Wi-Fi for easy image sharing, and remote control by smartphone or tablet.

For medium and long term field surveys “camera traps” Bushnell-NatureView HD are used to capture and preserve wildlife images in HD. Is a durable, reliable “camera trap” that is able to record video and images for a long time in the wild with no human mentenance (up to 12 months). The “camera trap” is able to record in true 1080p HD, with Close Focus capability to maintain crystal-clear depth of field. 32 no-glow LEDs enhance stealth, while Day/Night/24HR options offer specialized functions based on time of day. For nocturnal activity, the cam feature a Hyper NightVision 60’ Flash, while capturing audio with video.

Beside the LEICA APO-TELEVID 82 in our field work we rely on a Swarovski ATS 80 spotting scope that is another world class product in terms of optics and reliability. The 80 mm objective lens diameter provides higher detail recognition, while a wider exit pupil ensures brighter images and comfortable viewing even in poor lighting conditions. With its angled view the ATS 80  enables accurate observation for long time and in difficult light conditions .

Field equipment also include binoculars. photo cameras, laptop and Garmin GPSmap 62s devices with a detailed topographic and road map added.

Experimental Enclosures

Fish and fishing equipment

  • SAMUS 725M electric fishing device (electronarcosis) for scientific fishing from a boat, on rivers and streams;
  • Hach portable multiparameter;
  • Bongo Net (double ichthyoplanktonic fillet);
  • Seine fishing;
  • Fishing tool – net type;
  • Net fishing;
  • Gravimetric and ichthyometric measurements.


In order to identify the favorable and restrictive factors of socio-economic development on the territory of Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (D.D.B.R.) as well as to analyze the problems associated with sustainable development, the researchers of Socio-Economics & Humanities Team use in their studies the research methods such as: the analysis method, the cartographic method and the statistical method. The specialists realize questionnaires and individual semi-structured interviews were carried out with the local population for identifying the current state of human community development with the aim of trying to find solutions and socio-economic options for revitalization to improve the quality of life of the local population and to determine the increase in the standard of living of the local population from D.D.B.R.


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