Expertise: Land Reclamation

Team: Technological Development, Treansfer and Spatial Planning



Tel.: +40240/524550 int.: 123

Junior engineer technological development graduated the Faculty of Hydrotechnics at the „Ghe. Asachi” Technical University of Iasi, Land Reclamation and Rural Development specialization, 2000-2005. As part of the curriculum he studied technical courses such as: Hydraulics, Hydrology, Pumping Stations, Irrigation, Drainage, Soil Erosion Control, River Adjustment and Water Management, Hydrotechnical Constructions, etc. He continued his studies with a master in Construction Management at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services of Iasi, 2008-2009. The main courses that he attended here were specific to the constructions field: Construction Investments, Project Management, Quality Management, Contracting the Construction Works, In Service Evaluation, Legislation, etc.

Dan works at Danube Delta National Institute since March 2017, within the Technological Development department.

In the past he worked in the oil&gas industry for the oilfield services company Schlumberger, well testing segment, in Nigeria 2005-2007 and Algeria 2007-2008. Later he worked as data acquisition consultant for Wellwise Group (2009-2010) in Romania with Schlumberger for Petrom. Between 2010-2011 Dan worked for ANIF RA in Iasi as engineer in charge of verifying the technical agreements required by low for construction works located in areas affected by land improvement works in the NE part of the country. In 2011 he moved to France where he continued his studies with a master in Nuclear Engineering – Operations, which he completed with an internship at the EDF CNEPE engineering center in Tours. Between 2013-2014 and 2014-2017 Dan worked for Wellwise Group and Oil Consultants as data acquisition consultant for different oil companies in the North Sea and Malaysia.