Expertise: Genetics, Applied Ichtiology, Sturgeon Ecology

Team: Sturgeon Research Group (SRG)



Tel.: +40240/524550 int.: 183

Radu SUCIU (1952) – Senior scientist (1995), Fishery and Aquaculture Engineer / Polytechnics Institute (Lower Danube University) Galati (1976), Dr. Engineer (2005).

Competences: Head & founder of the Sturgeon Research Group (SRG) at DDNI Tulcea (1994); experience in managing field and laboratory research acquired by leading over 20 fish related research projects at DDNI Tulcea; organising national and international symposiums / workshops; was the Scientific Secretary of the Danube Delta Institute during 1988 – 2004; representing Romania at CITES Conferences of Parties and Standing Committee Meetings: 2001- Paris; 2002 – Santiago de Chile; 2004 – Bangkok; 2007 – Den Haag, 2016 – Johannesburg; alternate member for Europe of the CITES Animals Committee (2007 – 2013); coordinator of CITES Scientific Authority for Sturgeons of Romania (since 2003).


Expertise in applied ichthyology: sampling of tissues for DNA  extraction, non-destructive blood sampling, sampling of stomach content,  starch gel electrophoresis for screening of isozyme variability, DNA extraction and quantification, PCR, RFLP, in vivo and in vitro (from blood cell cultures ) chromosome preparation, capturing of eggs and larvae, fishing of  YOY and adult sturgeons, tagging of fish using CWT / FFT / PIT,  acoustic telemetry, satellite telemetry, age determination using scales and sections through bony tissues, photography including microscopically, breeding of carps,  controlled propagation in cyprinids and sturgeons,  cryopreservation of sperm of sturgeons, electro-fishing, tranquilization of fish using electro-narcosis to reduce handling stress during capture, biometry procedures, controlled propagation.