Expertise: Environmental Science, Applied Ichthyology, Sturgeon Ecology, Tagging Techniques and Ultrasonic Telemetry for Sturgeons.

Team: Sturgeon Research Group (SRG)



Tel.: +40240/524550 int.: 169

Marian PARASCHIV graduated in 2002 the Lower Danube University, Faculty of Fishing and Aquaculture. He is scientific researcher III, with 15 years of experience within the Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development and 15 publication in Romanian and English languages. Since 2004, he attend many courses as: Biology Statistics; Aquatic biotechnology; Sampling Methods, sample processing, data analysis and fish statistics; Fish stocks assessing methods; CWT tagging – methods and techniques;  Evaluation of survival and distribution in the Black Sea of young sturgeons stocked experimentally in the Lower Danube, Romania; Fish swimming.

He is member of European Ichthyological Society, International Association for Danube Research, World Sturgeon Conservation Society, Danube Sturgeon Task Force, IUCN Species Survival Commission, and Romanian Ichthyological Society. He is member of Scientific Advisory Board for Sturgeon which assist the Ministry of Environmental to elaborate and implement the sturgeon’s conservation and protection actions. He attended two international conservation groups working on sturgeon conservation and their natural habitats in Lower Danube River an NV black Sea coast.

He has expertise in working with different kind of equipment and techniques: ccollection of tissues for DNA analysis; bottom fauna samples; fish eggs and larvae; sturgeon adults and juvenile; tagging fish using CWT / FFT / PIT/ acoustic/ satellite tags; telemetry ultrasonic; determining the age of fish using scales and bone tissues; artificial reproduction of sturgeon, sturgeon sperm cryopreservation in liquid nitrogen containers, electro-narcosis.

Skills were acquired during more than 20 different national and international projects and studies on brood stock and early life stages sturgeon’s behavior and annual monitoring of spawning in the Danube River and Black Sea.