Expertise: Satial Planning, System Theory, Civil Engineering, Hydrology, Flood Risk Management, Land Use

Team: Technological Development, Treansfer and Spatial Planning



Tel.: +40240/524550 int.: 165

Dr. Eng. Iuliana NICHERSU is Magna cum Laude Ph.D in Spatial Planning (Urban and Regional Development) and Hydraulics. She graduated Civil Engineering Faculty in 2009 at the Technical University of Constructions Bucharest, first in her class, and followed a Master in Urban Engineering and Regional Development, with maximum grades for the final thesis (with the title: “Spatial Planning and Regional Development” and an application study on flood risk spatial planning in the context of European policies). In October 2014 she graduated with Magna cum Laude the PhD in Spatial Planning and hydraulic engineering for the thesis ‘The role of flood risk management in spatial planning’, which had as main fields of studies: qualitative analysis on spatial planning, systems theory analysis, hydraulic modeling, scenarios development and the implementation of European policies.

For the past 8 years she has been working in international projects related to spatial planning, urban and regional development, resource and energy efficiency, climate and environment fields, using mathematical modeling and system analysis, mainly in flood risk management at Danube Basin level and coastal management for the Black Sea Basin (from policy and technical point of view), as manager, project assistant or technical specialist.

In her current position she writes technical and financial project proposals on different funding opportunities (mostly European Funds: National Operational Programmes, Horizon 2020, FP7, INTERREG 2007-2013, Life Plus, etc), but also works and coordinates the implementation of national and international research projects. She has been involved the working group “Towards an Integrated Urban Monitoring in Europe” coordinated by the European Environment Agency (2008-2014) , she coordinated a national research project where she presented the innovative research in Fractal analysis of the morphological dynamics of Danube Delta and she now coordinates the DDNI Team as project Partner in Horizon 2020 project Flood-Serv.