Expertise: Hydrology and Morpho-hydrography dynamics within the wetland ecosystems ecological restoration area

Team: Ecological restoration Research Group



Tel.: +40240/524550 int.: 131

Eugenia CIOACĂ attended the Land Reclamation and Environment Engineering Faculty, Hydro technical Constructions speciality, Bucharest, 1982. Among the main disciplines studied: Mathematics, Hydraulics, Hydrology, Hydrogeology, Hydro-technical Constructions, and Geo-techniques. In 2001 she gets the PhD Diploma at the Bucharest University of Agriculture Science and Veterinary Medicine /Land Reclamation and Environment Engineering Faculty. The doctoral dissertation is entitled as “Researches on the Northern Dobrogea Land Reclamation setting-ups to improve their hydro-ameliorative condition”. Since 1996 she has been working for the Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development, Tulcea, Romania, as Hydrology and Morpho-hydrography Expert, in the framework of the Ecological Restoration research group. The main projects she has coordinated: Restoration of aquatic ecosystems in the Sontea-Fortuna area-component of Natura 2000 sites ROSPA0031 and ROSCI0065 of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve [RESTORATION- DD]; New and innovative model used as scientific tool in decision making on protection and ecological reconstruction of wetlands and preservation of protected areas based on mathematical modelling of morpho-hydrography and water quality [MORFDD]; New Education and Decision Support Model for Active Behaviour in Sustainable Development Based on Innovative Web Services and Qualitative Reasoning [NaturNet-Redime]; Integrated management of the Razim – Sinoie lake complex with its neighbouring areas; Solutions for natural ecosystem preservation and sustainable development of agriculture in Dobrogea area; Groundwater regime study within the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Letea and Caraorman sandy dune area according to WFD 2000/60/EC, Annex V, for ecological equilibrium rehabilitation; Danube Floodplain setting-up. Case study: Ecological reconstruction of the Braila Small Island area; Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve anthropogenic changed ecosystems not efficiently used re-integration in natural systems.