Boat with 15 HP engine (2 pieces)
Field centrifuge (2 pieces)
Lab centrifuge (1 piece)
Electric generator (1 piece)
Complete set for capturing birds (1 set)
Binocular microscope (4 pieces)
Photo camera (2 pieces)
GARMIN GPS (2 pieces)
Freezer, -20°C (1 piece)
Refrigerator and freezer, -19°C (1 piece)
Ultra low temperature freezer, -86°C (1 piece)
Refrigerated incubator (1 piece)
Liquid nitrogen container (2 pieces)
Laptop (1 piece)
PC (2 pieces)
Complete laboratory facilities for sampling, sample preservation and storage, analysis parasitological
Research infrastructure in Maliuc (Danube Delta), including accommodation facilities