In the early 90s the department experts have been involved in local projects especially related to biodiversity inventory and monitoring, and the assessment of natural resources and landscape from Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve and surrounding areas. The results of these projects played a particularly important role as scientific support of the first management plan for Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve (1995) and its updated versions. Since 1997, the department expanded its range of activities, developing projects focused not only on the DDBR management plan but also projects in protected areas located along the Lower Danube and national projects regarding the inventory of wetlands that meet the Ramsar criteria. The deliverables quality and knowhow of our department experts qualified us to be designated as national coordinators for collecting, analyzing and processing data on wild species and natural habitats in order to design and scientifically support the Natura 2000 in Romania.

Department of Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Use of Natural Resources (CBUDRN) is made from 6 teams: i) Plants, habitats and vegetal resources ii) Ichtyofauna and fishery iii) Ornithology and cynegetic iv) Reptiles and amphibians, v) Entomology, vi) Human communities and ecotourism.