Expertise: Architecture, Urban and Territorial Planning, Regional Development

Team: Technological Development, Treansfer and Spatial Planning



Tel.: +40240/524550 int.: 177

Madalina Sbarcea, Researcher in the Technology Development, Transfer and Spatial Planning Department, has a background in Architecture (Master’s Degree in Architecture, 2012) and is currently enrolled as a Phd student at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest, Doctoral School of Urbanism. Between 2012 and 2014, she has completed a stage of 2 years professional internship, during which she gained mentored experience in architectural practice, urban development studies and stakeholder cooperation. Madalina is a DDNI team member since 2014, focusing her research in areas related to the built environment in natural protected areas, cultural landscape, urban and territorial complex systems, regional development. Her activity within the Institute includes integrated research in interdisciplinary teams, in the context of national and international R&D projects. Some of the activities she coordinated: Green Policing (2016)building institutional capacity and stakeholder cooperation for proximity policing oriented towards the environment in rural areas of Danube Delta,  · Marking, creating facilities on tourist routes and installing a network of birdwatching towers in the Danube Delta (2014-2017), · Tourist center for the Small Pond of Braila Natural Park (2015)- prefeasibility study. She is a member of the Romanian Order of Architects, the Union of Romanian Architects and the Balkan Environmental Association. Since 2016, she is a member of Tulcea Municipality’s Advisory Board for Urban Planning and Territorial Development, as well as a workgroup member for Tulcea Development Strategy, Tulcea Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and Tulcea County Territorial Plan.